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mn has the best lakes.

perfectdisposition said: I stayed in Pease, MN for 2 summers 6 mo at a time. Now that I am 21, I have decided to go where my heart resides. I'm officially moving to Pease, MN! MN has a different vibe and I dig it


drewbits1 said: You are so awesome for making this Blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

k i love you. 


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mpls starry night

I&#8217;m in love with this. 

There’s a forest in Minnesota shaped like…Minnesota. After a redditor noticed this remarkable oddity recently there was some speculation that the forest was Photoshopped, but a direct link to it on Google Maps proves otherwise.

dani-stuff-and-things said: You guys are awesome! Helping with my home sickness tonight. Love Minnesota!


In Minneapolis, a Blueprint for a Bustling Downtown
The building of a nearly $1 billion Minnesota Vikings stadium has become the impetus for resuscitating a barren stretch of this city’s downtown that Gov. Mark Dayton called “a concrete oasis.”
Officials broke ground this month on the city’s largest real estate project in two decades, a $400 million mixed-use development going up next to the new stadium.
The five-block project, called Downtown East, includes plans for two 18-story office towers for Wells Fargo, a six-level parking ramp, about 24,000 square feet of retail space, 193 apartments and a four-acre urban park near the stadium’s northwest corner.
Many cities have tried to generate urban renewal around a big project like a new stadium with mixed success over the years. It is often hard to persuade those who left for the suburbs to return.
Mayor Betsy Hodges is promoting such a turnaround for Minneapolis. “We have an opportunity that few cities get, a big part of our downtown that’s underdeveloped,” she said. “It’s a 21st-century resurgence, as people reimagine downtown living. They rediscover the value of living in a city and what advantages that brings in terms of recreation, employment, opportunities to live without a car and be around other people.
Ultimately, Downtown East is a chance to spur the development that the 31-year-old Metrodome failed to generate, said Michael Langley, chief executive of the Minneapolis St. Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership. “This is an opportunity for a huge do-over,” he said.
The timing of the groundbreaking was exciting, he added. The city will host the 2018 Super Bowl, it was announced last week. “I think we see ourselves on a bigger stage, and we see opportunities that can be created by working together and that was probably missing before.”

About to get my record shopping on. The Electric Fetus, Minneapolis, MN. (at Electric Fetus)
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