Minnesota You Betcha

Minneapolis, Minnesota by Aaron Matthews

This is probably THE most photographed spot/scene in Minneapolis. 

mortrite said: i would just like you to know that this is my new favourite blog

omg i love you

mn has the best lakes.

perfectdisposition said: I stayed in Pease, MN for 2 summers 6 mo at a time. Now that I am 21, I have decided to go where my heart resides. I'm officially moving to Pease, MN! MN has a different vibe and I dig it


drewbits1 said: You are so awesome for making this Blog. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

k i love you. 


ING Building by markjacksonfoto http://ift.tt/1mncn56

Minneapolis  ©throughadirtylense  3sixty5photo.com


mpls starry night

I&#8217;m in love with this. 

There’s a forest in Minnesota shaped like…Minnesota. After a redditor noticed this remarkable oddity recently there was some speculation that the forest was Photoshopped, but a direct link to it on Google Maps proves otherwise.

dani-stuff-and-things said: You guys are awesome! Helping with my home sickness tonight. Love Minnesota!

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